How to use



Coloured Concrete

Standard Packaging
Solid pigments
Our powder pigments are supplied in 25kg bags. This can either be paper bags or PE bags depending on the kind of application and the customer's wishes.

For customers with a dosing system w deliver the pigment in big bags.
Depending on the type of pigment the big bags can vary from 600kg (iron oxide yellow) to 1.000kg.

Small Packaging
We can also deliver Ferrotone basic colours in 5 kg water-soluble bags, especially for ready mix producers. This makes it possible to throw the pigment with the bag wholly in the truck mixer. In other words: no dust, no dosage mistakes!

Our standard colours can be delivered from stock. It is also possible to have none standard colours repacked in 5kg watersoluble bags. The minimum quatity for re-packing is 500kg (1 pallet).

Our liquid pigments are delivered in IBC containers (re-usable).
If you want different packaging, we will be will be happy to further discuss this with you