RheoFalt® additives

RheoFalt® additives

RheoFalt® additives

During the last few decades, Ventraco Innovation Centre has developed several additives for the roadbuilding industry. The additives carry the brandname RheoFalt®.

RheoFalt® HP-AM
RheoFalt HP-AM is an organic rejuvenator which is repleting the lost maltenes due to the aging of the bitumen. Read more about this product. 

RheoFalt® LT-70 
This RheoFalt product is the only mono-modification of our product line consisting of FT waxes. It has a low application temperature between the 140 and 70ªC, causing major savings in energy consumption (up to 30%). Read more about this product.

RheoFalt® WKR-2
Standard bitumen have limited mechanical characteristics. RheoFalt WKR-2 makes it possible to change these characteristics in such a way that sustainable asphalt can be developed. It’s possible to add the modification in a standard batchmixer without or just small adaptions. Next to that any ordinary asphalt team will be able to with the modified asphalt with minimal instructions. Read more about this product.

RheoFalt® HP-LV
A low-viscosity biopolymer resin blend designed for cold climates and colder seasons. Read more about this product.


We take questions of our customers seriously and we help customers in finding alternative products or solutions for any problem that occurs. If you have questions about the RheoFalt® additives or if you want to place an order, please visit the RheoFalt website.