ColorFalt History

Coloured Asphalt

Coloured Asphalt

The first iron oxide pellets based on hydrogenated fatty acids date from the nineties. These pigment pellets could only be used for limited applications and the mechanical qualities were not very good. It was technically impossible to apply a higher dosage than 1%. Therefore this product could only be used together with clear binder.

1995 adaptations of the carrier to a low-melting polyethylene.
It is now possible to produce coloured asphalt together with black binder. The disadvantage of the PE carrier however, was that despite the low melting point, the pellets had to me melted at a higher temperature and needed a longer mixing time.

1999 A new production line has been set up and we are now able to produce Colorfalt Premiumpellets. These pellets  have an EVA carrier and a much more universal character. Now it is alsopossible to colour modified binder with the Colorfalt pellets. An advantage of the use of EVA is that it increases the stability of the asphalt. The premium quality is easy to mix and has a high colour strength compared to the pellets which had PE as a basis. The melting point of the carrier is now below 90°C.

2005 The production line for the other colours has been set up and is ready to be used.
Colorfalt is now available in red, blue, green, yellow and white. Colorfalt V Red is still the colour which is used the most, both in The Netherlands and abroad.

2006 The production capacity in Roermond had been doubled and the production line of the Colorfalt Clear Binder has been set up.

2007 ColorFalt has now become a complete system containing both colour pellets and clear binder pellets. This offers many advantages for the asphalt producers in the Netherlands, but especially abroad. It is no longer necessary to transport and store fluid binder. This also counts for the pigment which can now be transported and stored without any pollution to the environment.

 2008 A number of large and prestigious projects have successfully been carried out with our ColorFalt V Red.The interest from outside Europe is increasing.

2009 Both within and outside Europe a large number of new agents are appointed for the distribution of our ColorFalt products .
ColorFalt colour pellets can now be manufactured 'on demand' in almost every colour. A number of special colour projects have successfully been carried out.
Until today over 1,5 million tons of asphalt has been produced worldwide with our ColorFalt® Premium. In a large variety of asphalt mixtures. From black bitumen to Clear Binder LQD, from DAB to Sand Carpet.