Coloured Asphalt

Coloured Asphalt


● Production of clear or coloured asphalt
● City squares, car parks, pavements, bicycle lanes, danger zone markings, crossroads, tunnels, school playgrounds, shopping centres, private driveways

● No specific equipment required (the coloured asphalt is manufactured in a traditional asphalt mixing plant)
● Suitable for small, medium or large worksites
● The BinderFalt solid packs allow for easy storage and transport, and facilitate handling
● Long shelf life
● No colour loss as binder only heated when needed
● No waste
● Very good resistance to cracking
● Good U.V. resistance
● Resists any mechanical cleaning method
● Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw cycles and to de-icing salt
● Economical, no loss

Asphalt production process
● Materials must first be heated between 180° and 200°C
● The 10kg thermo-fusible bags containing the small BinderFalt packs are introduced into the mixer of the asphalt plant
● Mixing time must be at least 5 minutes to allow the packs to melt completely
● When dye is added to the clear bitumen, it must be incorporated after the BinderFalt and another 30 seconds must be added to the mixing time

● If the coloured asphalt is produced in a traditional black asphalt plant, check that the mixer and the storage tremies are clean. If necessary, make two blind patches (heat aggregate without binder)
● The choice of aggregates is very important and plays a decisive role in determining the asphalt’s colour. We recommend using aggregates whose colour is as close as possible to the chosen coloured asphalt
● If you plan to add fillers or fines, first choose clear and limestone-type fillers. They must be inserted in the mixer last, once the asphalt is made, to avoid burning them, which could give a darker tint to the asphalt’s colour
● It is recommended to apply a clear emulsion primer on the surface before laying the BinderFalt asphalt to ensure good adhesion  

● The asphalt’s readiness of use is identical to that of traditional asphalt and varies according to the bitumen grade and the ambient temperature

● 500gr. small packs grouped in 10 kg thermofusible bags
● 1.000 kg pallet

● Advised dosage according to the grading curve 5.2% to 6% in residual bitumen compared to the overall aggregate weight
● Bitumen maturity : 24 hours