Advantages ColorFalt

Coloured Asphalt

Coloured Asphalt

ColorFalt® pellets which are used for the high-quality colouring of asphalt offer many advantages. 
Below you find a summary of all these advantages. 

Advantages ColorFalt® colouring pellets:
A great variety of colours available 'on demand'
Especially developed for the roadbuilding industry
Extra stability for the asphalt
Absolutely dustfree
High colouring strength
Easy to dose and easily applicable
Organic pigments can be used
Additional UV-stab en anti-oxidants possible
Remains stable when stored; outside storage is also possible

Absolutely dust-free
Not low-dust, but no-dust! Which means: no more powder or dust in your asphalt mixing plant, on your factory site or on your clothing.
Can be dosed automatically
Since ColorFalt can be dosed automatically, you will no longer need to hire any extra personnel for producing coloured asphalt: this can save you significant amounts of labour costs. Moreover, the production of small quantities of coloured asphalt will no longer be problematic, which means you can produce coloured asphalt at any time without needing extra people.

High Colouring intensity
ColorFalt has a higher colour intensity than comparable powder pigments. The reason for this is that the pellet disperses more quickly than powder. Thus, you can reduce the pigment level to obtain a comparable level of colour intensity as with other products. The optimum for your asphalt plant can best be established in practice, but as a rule of thumb we advise:

With clear bitumen, 1.5% FERROXON powder pigment or 1% COLORFALT colour pellets
With black bitumen, 5% FERROXON powder pigment or 3% COLORFALT colour pellets

Guarantees premium quality of the asphalt produced
ColorFalt does not only guarantee intense colouring, but also ensures that the quality of the asphalt produced increases considerably when compared to asphalt produced with conventional powder pigment. In view of the importance of delivering high-quality asphalt, even if regulations do not require modified asphalt, this is a huge advantage. Moreover, coloured asphalt is increasingly used in critical applications such as bus lanes, cross roads, and normal roads containing street print. 

Can be supplied in various packages
ColorFalt can be ordered in PE bags, big bags, even in silo trucks. So: no more packaging; the pellets can be blown straight into the bulk silo!