Available colours



Coloured Concrete

Ventraco offers a broad range of colour pigments, coming to your wish and in a wide variety of delivery forms, at different prices from several producers.

Ferrotone basic colours
Ferrotone basic colours are powder pigments with an outstanding quality and competitive pricing.

Packaging in big bags or 25 kg bags. We can also deliver Ferrotone basic colours in 5 kg water-soluble bags, especially for ready mix producers. This makes it possible to simply add the pigment together with the packaging to the truck mixer. In other words: no dust, no dosage mistakes!

Basically we can deliver iron oxide pigment in any colour. The standard colours are usually available directl off the shelf. Special colours and blends may take a few days for preparation.

Colour 3% in white cement 3% in grey cement
Red 30
Red 10
Red 422
Yêllow 20
Marigold 60
Bown 80
Brown 60
Black 30
Blue 810
Blue 820
Green 750

Ferrotone Design Colours
The Ferrotone Design line contains all the bright and vivid colours, unlike the standard more common concrete colours.
The Ferrotone design line is based on organic pigments combined with polymer to make them better suitable for colouring concrete products.

In many cases it is recommendable to protect the design coloured concrete products (with a special after-treatment) for keeping the colours as bright and vivid as they ought to be. Also, an after treatment will make the coloured concrete easier to clean.

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