Coloured Asphalt

Coloured Asphalt

Ventraco has been the established supplier of raw materials for several road building companies. We are specialized in colouring asphalt. We do not only supply powder pigments but we also produce our own pigment pellets, known by the name ColorFalt®. These pellets are produced in the Netherlands and are a very high-grade product to colour asphalt.

Asphalt is a wonderful product, and very suitable for colouring. Coloured asphalt is durable, flexible and fairly cheap to produce. In other words, it's a product with great potential and a bright future ahead.

At Ventraco Chemie we know the problems in the processing of powder pigment in asphalt plants: dust and debris!
Therefore, Ventraco has developed a pigment pellet which can be applied very easily and has specifically been designed for the road building industry.
This colour pellet is our first product innovation and was introduced in the market under the brand name ColorFalt®. In the meanwhile hundreds of thousands of tons of coloured asphalt have been produced with ColorFalt colour pellets in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond.
Ventraco recons the product development as a dynamic process.

ColorFalt V Red ® is the most common colour in the roadbuilding industry. However, we have also focused on the development of ColorFalt® Design colours. It is also possible to deliver asphalt in the following colours; blue, green, yellow, white and terra cotta.
Besides the basic colours we can deliver a colour pellet 'on demand'.

It has become possible to produce asphalt in nearly every colour. This is particularly interesting for landscape architects, municipalities, urban planners, etc. All pellets developed by Ventraco are based on durable, lightfast pigments which can easily be processed (no dust!) by asphalt plants.