Safe Cycling Lanes - Almere


Safe Cycling Lanes - Almere

Red asphalt

At the Gorinchemgracht in Almere a specially designed cycling lane was designed. Dura Vermeer carried out this project; a road where the safety of cyclists is very important and cars are ‘guests’. 

This is a concept which is becoming more populair in Holland. 

This cycling lane is part of a long cycling track through the Stedenwijk in Almere.

Between the red cycling stretches there is a black stretch which is slightly higher. This part is marked by a stone print. This forces cars and trucks to slow down their speed when they overtake a cyclist. 

Visually the road also looks smaller which also contributes to a safer traffic speed. 

These 2 colours of asphalt were layed in one run with a special machine. The black asphalt is carried out in a streetprint. The asphalt was re-heated again and the print applied.